Friday, June 10, 2011

Coffee and anticipation of tonight's hockey game

Got to the coffeeshop a bit late this Friday (about quarter to 11).  By then all the good side seats were taken so I had to make do with the cushy seats at the front.  It was a bit more difficult to take photos but I just pretended I was trying to figure out my camera.  I did get a shot of my favourite barista - he's a very nice young fellow who is always so polite to ol' me.  He remembers my drink order and asks about my knitting.  I mean, come on, how many young men in their early 20s are going to ask about some old lady's knitting?  Its so sweet!    I listened to several conversations.  One was some kind of business meeting.  The man doing all the talking was riled up about some issue but it was so boring! He also used every cliche in the book (lol) when he was speaking " at the end of the day, etc....".  It sounded like it was about fixing elevators.  The other nice conversation (as opposed to the very bad language of two young guys also in the coffeeshop) was between a mom (about my age) and her 20 something son who met up with her.  She went to give him money for his coffee, he waived her off - so cute.  When they left, he carried all her bags.  Maybe I planned that out all wrong...  Anywho, took some photos of myself on the way home and the reality of my wiry gray hair was apparent.  Good grief!!

BIG hockey game is on tonight and the crowds downtown are crazy!
my favourite barista
bad photo of a very good coffee
not the best photo of myself but we can't all be beautiful!

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